Inspired Interview – Chris Schuler – “Higher Bread” – Why The Same Ingredients ≠ Same Results.

As we’re coming up on a year of virtual programming due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I got the chance to sit down (virtually) with BSE alumni, Jason LeVasseur for The Inspired Interviews Podcast. We discuss the importance of creativity and some of the creative ways BSE as a company have been able to expand and grow to meet the needs of our clients as well as some of my own personal creative outlets.

Chris Schuler – Bread Baker / Owner at Bass/Schuler Entertainment
Episode Description: Jason and Chris talk about how important it is to continue to nourish your inner creativity! Chris shares details about the nationwide virtual poetry competition that his organization hosts. Chris is keen to show that sometimes creativity is exercised by making sourdough bread. “The Same Ingredients Don’t Always Yield the Same Results.”

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